Thursday, May 5, 2011

How I become...SUBURBAN DAD

I guess there wasn't much thought. The sound of sex without condoms sounded really enticing. That, along with the promise of lots of sex for what I hoped would be months was enough to seal deal.

I'd been practicing for at least half my life for this. I thought I was covered. After all, after partying many nights, we never had any accidents. I thought It would be months without pulling out before my eggs would meet hers.
I was convined that I would be able to keep my job as husband for at least another year.

It's a good thing wife is in sales because she must have been planning this negotiation for months. Like an expert she fooled me.

Lots of sex meant once before she couldn't see past 8:30 at night. And then a few days later she broke the news.

That's when she told me....

I'm pregnant!

Im pregnant.

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